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עיצוב אריזה לסרט "דעתו של החייל" , יצירת פונט שיתאים לשיחזור הדו"חות הרבים בסרט , עיצוב פתיח ופוסטר

  The film was nominated for several awards, among them - the best artistic design - on behalf of the Documentary Creators Forum

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The soldier's opinion 

Director - Assaf Benit

Producer - Shahar Ben-Hur

Since the establishment of the state, the military censor has read the letters of IDF soldiers under the pretext of maintaining field security. However, contrary to what the soldiers were told and without their knowledge, the members of the unit copied parts of the letters and kept them in a special database in order to analyze their opinions and feelings on a series of topics. The findings were compiled and entered into a secret report called "The Soldier's Mind", which provided a rare glimpse into the soldiers' thoughts.

The film presents a different and intimate version of the Israeli story as it is reflected in the report, and reveals what the secret keepers chose to do with its conclusions.

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